Sounds like the old-time car sales pitch in which they have this one vehicle at a ridiculously low price, you go there, and this car has already been “sold,” but “we have all these others on the lot …”

Well, I got an advertisement in the mail that says, “Bundle your TV+internet+voice for only $29.95 and no contracts for 12 months.” Sounds great, especially when I don’t have cable television, just an antenna. I do have phone and internet at $64.26 a month.

So I called the company and the price went instantly to $121 just for a basic television connection, without the mention of that $29.95 amount in the ad. The amount instantly made me think of the old bait-and-switch game.

My answer was “no thanks.” We have this bad habit — we like to eat and live indoors. We are in our 70s and on Social Security. That $1,452 it would have cost per year is a lot of money to us. It buys a lot of food.

What’s on TV today, anyways? It’s mostly a lot of advertisements and a lot of fake news. We don’t miss the TV. With the antenna, we still get 13 channels at no cost or hidden fees or contracts. In the evening, we do watch any movie we want for $7.49 a month, with absolutely no advertisements.

I guess all this is in where a person’s priorities are in life. Mine is spending what time I have left on this Earth with my wife.

Phillip Webber, Lisbon

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