In response to Larry Pelletier’s recent letter to the editor (April 28):

No, the Joint Charter Commission doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

First, nothing has been “hidden.” The JCC has operated with complete transparency. All meetings are recorded and available for listening on its website. The commission has had countless public meetings and forums. The commissioners have continually responded to a variety of questions and comments with complete candor.

Second, there is no “agenda.” What could the commissioners possibly have to gain by that? They are not remunerated in any way. In fact, just the opposite, as they all have donated many hours and many dollars for a cause that they believe in.

At the risk of repeating what I have already said in a letter to the editor, printed this past Feb. 2, the six charter commissioners have selfless records of service to Lewiston-Auburn and represent the very best among us.

Carl Sheline, Lewiston, One LA campaign co-manager

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