LEWISTON – The Woman’s Hospital Association rotating art gallery at Central Maine Medical Center is featuring artwork by Nancy Clark and Windows to Nature, owned by Paul and Susan Boucher, through the month of May. The gallery is located at 60 High St., the main entrance CMMC.

Born and raised in rural Maine, Clark draws inspiration from the magnificent landscapes that Maine offers. Clark’s exhibition will feature her new “Sea and Sky” series. The series focuses on the horizon line and the effects of changing light, allowing the audience to contemplate the mystery and calling of distant spaces.

 “Sometimes when painting, it feels like a dance, and I find myself swaying back and forth as I blend the paints directly onto the canvas with sweeping brushstrokes,” said Clark of her “need” to paint.

Lewiston residents Paul and Susan Boucher are both artists. Their avid love of Maine’s outdoors inspires their work and lives. 

 For Paul art has been an integral part of his life for almost 40 years. Though he has studied under various artists he is primarily self-taught. His work combines a sense of realism with his own unique form of imagination, especially when working with his favorite subjects New England scenes and Maine birds, including loons.

 Susan has been interested in some kind of art for most of her life. She paints predominantly in watercolor utilizing her own photographic images. Boucher’s endless fascination with her surroundings often draws her to capture the undulating shapes of flowers, children and woodland scenes.

The artists’ work may be purchased through the Wome’s Hospital Association Gift Shop, located adjacent to the main lobby at CMMC. A percentage of sale proceeds benefits CMMC.

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