LEWISTON — The City Council will have a few last-minute decisions to make Tuesday when councilors make final adjustments to next year’s municipal budget. 

The council will vote on a number of budget adjustments that have been discussed during its previous budget workshop meetings. 

According to City Administrator Ed Barrett’s memo to the council, the adjustments would reduce the proposed general fund budget by $395,590, and the tax-increment financing fund by $34,610.

The proposed budget currently sits at $44.8 million, an increase of approximately $1 million from this year’s budget. 

The council has not been able to reach consensus on some of the budget adjustments, including some of its funding for the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council, a number of items for the Lewiston Public Library and $43,000 for street-line painting for crosswalks, the memo states. 

The donations to the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council come from roughly $40,000 in TIF funds. The library costs in question are for various items including $13,710 for a part-time employee and some $10,000 for books. 


Last year, Auburn officials pulled the city’s share of funding for the economic growth council. 

Making adjustments Tuesday will require four votes from the council, while adopting the final municipal budget will require five. 

Barrett said last week that the current figures would see the property tax rate increase by 45 cents, a 1.6 percent increase. But, he said, if the state approves its proposed increase of the Homestead Exemption, most taxpayers in Lewiston could see a small tax bill decrease. 

The council voted 4-3 last week to approve the Lewiston school budget. Voters will also decide on the $74.3 million spending plan Tuesday. 

The Lewiston School Department may also see additional state aid next month, which would first go toward alleviating the property tax rate. 

Councilors Tim Lajoie, Michael Lachance and Shane Bouchard voted against the proposed budget.

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