Wouldn’t it be great —

• To see Girl and Boy Scout troops holding the U.S. flag while marching in Memorial Day parades;

• To hear patriotic songs sung by Kate Smith, Mickey Rooney, James Cagney, etc.;

• To watch Steve Harvey’s little talent shows with an 8-year-old boy singing the Star-Spangled Banner, or the “America Has Talent” show with then 10-year-old beautiful singer Beyonce;

• To see more shows honoring America’s veterans on Memorial Day.

And wouldn’t it be great if all the millions spent on the Super Bowl halftime show was, instead, used to pay the expenses for all those beautiful singers to perform at another sports event but sing patriotic songs; and all the money left over be donated to soup kitchens, school cafeterias and food banks to help feed hungry children.

By the way, we will be celebrating out 67th wedding anniversary this year, and that will be great, for certain.

Mary and Walter Babbitt, Oxford

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