I agree with Gov. Paul LePage, who wants to charge anyone who receives Narcan to save their life after an overdose of an opioid. Why should the state or taxpayers pay for it?

I am a citizen of Maine, now retired, but when I was working in the shoe shop, I had to pay more in taxes (I was single with no children) to support women who had children out of wedlock.

The state did not make those babies. State officials should tell couples that either they get married and raise their children together or the babies’ fathers would be castrated, like dogs and cats. And, after the babies are born, the women will be neutered so they cannot bring any more children into the world and then not be responsible for them.

And then there all those unwanted fetuses, millions of them every year, denied life and to be born.

There are others who use drugs to make themselves feel good. If they have the money to buy the trash and overdose, they should pay for the recovery. Then they might have to think about it and not waste money. With so many jobs lost, where on Earth do they get the money for such trash anyway?

Heidi Weber, Dryden

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