This letter is in response to Thomas Shields’ letter (May 21), “National media are anti-Trump.”

Shields stated, “There are misleading, inflammatory headlines on the front page leading to anti-Republican narrative, and the Republican side of the story is usually buried on an inside page”.

I would remind Shields that accurate reporting has become a thing of the past (see FOX news/entertainment).

We, as a society, have given up our right to demand the facts. Perhaps Shields has missed the fact that Donald Trump’s mission is to win every 24-hour news cycle, even if it is not based on facts.

I recall Trump challenging Barack Obama’s birth place; Republicans stating that the only thing they would work on was making sure Obama didn’t serve a second term; Republicans trying numerous times to repeal Obamacare; Trump accusing Obama of spying on the Trump Tower, etc.

I wonder if Shields felt if those stories were newsworthy and anti-Trump or anti-Republican.

Shields is old enough to understand that Republicans control the presidency and both houses of Congress, but they don’t control the press in their search for the facts.

Norman Smith, Poland

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