WILTON — Tuesday Night Mixed Summer League bowing results for May 9 at Meadow Lanes Bowling were:

Men’s high game scratch, Kyle Walton 232, Rob Storer Sr. 219, Wayne Doyon 198; high series scratch, Kyle Walton 657, Wayne Doyon 525, Jim Barker 521; high game handicap, Rob Storer Sr. 260, Brian Wight 252, Kyle Burgess 237.

Women’s high game scratch, Jamie Ellsworth 163, Stephanie Millay 159, Peggy Needham 158; high series scratch, Peggy Needham 435, Jamie Ellsworth 427, Stephanie Millay 366; high game handicap, Stephanie Millay 237, Bethany Burgess 234, Jamie Ellsworth 221.

Tuesday Night Mixed Summer League, May 16:

Men’s high game scratch, Albert Farmer 215, Stephen Adams 199, Kyle Walton 192; high series scratch, Stephen Adams 523, James Barker 506, Albert Farmer 503; high game handicap, Albert Farmer 265, Ben Jordan 243, Stephen Adams 237; high series handicap, Albert Farmer 653, Stephen Adams 637, Ben Jordan 628.

Women’s high game scratch, Peggy Needham 206, Jamie Ellsworth 175, Cathy Walton 160; high series scratch, Peggy Needham, 529, Jamie Ellsworth 457, Cathy Walton 430; high game handicap, Peggy Needham 261, Cathy Walton 244, Jamie Ellsworth 233; high series handicap, Peggy Needham 694, Cathy Walton 682, Jamie Ellsworth 631.

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