I have been a fan of cats for many years. My daughter had a young black cat that she could not keep, so I took it in.

I never knew that a black cat could be so beautiful. It is pitch black with beautiful green eyes and everyone who sees her is amazed.

Now, a black cat carries the reputation of a “black cat,” right? Not really. This cat is the nicest, sweetest little cat anyone could ever ask for. A veterinarian who saw her for the first time was impressed. And a friend (who is not a cat lover) who saw her for the first time said, “She’s beautiful.”

I hope that people are enlightened enough to not believe that all black cats are bad luck or evil. But it is a fact that black cats are not adopted as readily, and that is a shame.

Cat lovers out there should give black cats a chance. It could be a happy match.

David Grard, Lewiston

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