Reading the Opinion section of the newspaper just makes my day. I either have to laugh or cry at what some people truly believe.

Take David Griffiths’ letter (May 25) — Democrats state that most conservatives are lying, but look at the facts. Just in the past few days there was a bill in the House that would have denied anyone caught lying in their testimony (in order to get a bill passed) from lobbying in the future. You would think that would be common sense and 95 percent of Republicans voted for it. Yet more than 95 percent of Democrats voted against it — which killed the bill.

So, to a Democrat, it’s OK to lie because the end justifies the means.

Fox News not news — really? CNN giving hand-picked presidential candidate answers to the debates, and that is supposed to be a trusted news organization?

Then there is David Marquis (letter May 26) stating that Republican can’t govern? There are 33 Republican governors right now, compared to 16 Democrats and the states with conservative governments are in better fiscal shape than the ones with majority Democrats (Illinois for example).

Next, the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing that happened to health care in this country. Open health insurance up to competition across state lines and let people chose the coverage they want. Look what happened to auto insurance when competition heated up. Same thing could happen to health care.

Donald Dubuc, Minot

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