I was diagnosed with MS in November 2006. I just found out through a doctor in Boston that I do not have MS and never had it. Please do not take this the wrong way — I am happy I do not have MS, but I have been given medicines meant for MS and some that were not really designated for MS, yet were used for MS. I was taking these medicines along with pain medicines.

During the past 10-plus years, I was progressively getting worse. I kept asking the neurologist why, if there were no other lesions, I was not getting better. I went to the emergency room at least twice with bad reactions from two of the medicines that could have led to death.

I have done a lot of research on my own. I did not feel I was getting the answers I needed. I want to help others by telling people that it is OK to ask questions, get other opinions and research for yourself if you are not satisfied with a diagnosis you get. I have been going through depression getting off all MS medicines and pain medications.

I would urge anyone who feels they have not gotten the answers they need to keep looking. It took me 10-plus years to find someone who would listen to me.

Sandra Greaton, Auburn

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