My letter of May 21 indicated media stories were slanted against President Trump, with omission or minimization of favorable stories about him and inflammatory headlines on anti-Trump stories. My letter had three responses to it.

Norman Smith (May 24) noted that “accurate reporting had become a thing of the past.” I agree, except for FOX, which presents information too uncomfortable for the liberal networks to present. The liberals reject FOX as untrue. The liberal networks try to present rumors, hearsay, personal opinion and innuendo as fact without proof. A listener or reader must be careful in accepting what is given as fact.

Dave Griffiths (May 25) reviewed major scandalous Democrat stories since the 1960s. This convinces him that the press continues to be diligent and honest. He addressed Trump in onerous terms. The Democrats are uncomfortable with a competent businessman being president without a politician orientation.

David Marquis (May 26) condemns everything Republican. He accepts allegations as fact. He is impatient with the process of making fair and affordable health insurance plans. He has unrealistic expectations for immediate results on major issues — taxes, health care and budget.

Democrats were spoiled by President Obama, who did not take proper steps to protect this country in the future, made people too dependent on the taxpayers and who allowed a national debt increase from $12 trillion to $20 trillion in just eight years.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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