The state Legislature is in the final weeks of crafting a state budget. I hope legislators will come together for the benefit of all Mainers.

I believe Maine’s state senators and representatives are good people who reflect the values of this state. Would they help a neighbor, perhaps a single mother whose car has broken down, get to work? Of course. I hope they will vote for programs that benefit the mothers, children and families of Maine.

Would they volunteer their time to teach English to a New Mainer? Of course. I hope they will vote for programs that assist our newest arrivals become productive Maine citizens.

Would they want excellent schools for their own children and grandchildren? Of course. I hope they will vote for fully funding public schools in Maine.

State legislators have an opportunity to address many important issues in the next few weeks. The state has a revenue surplus. Maine’s economy is in good shape. This is the time to use the funds available to invest in the future of Maine’s citizens. Legislators can fund support for families, children, the elderly and veterans. Legislators can protect the security and freedoms of Maine’s citizens. Finally, legislators can invest in the future of Maine children by fully funding the public schools.

I, along with many Maine citizens, will be watching the legislative process in the coming weeks. We hope to see legislators working together to support, protect and invest in the people of Maine.

Cindy Elias, Auburn

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