Lila Marchetti, kindergarten, presents her project to mom, Courtney Marchetti.

HARRISON — Boxberry School students held an end-of-the year potluck and presentation celebration at their Camp Fernwood Cove location on May 24. Led by teachers Matt Baker-White and Marlena Lantos, students sang songs they had learned and presented their most recent projects to parents and visitors.

The kindergarten to grade two students had been studying America’s Colonial period and read fictional stories they created along with character profiles they created.

The grade three to six students had been working on independent projects, developing three different projects on one topic of their choice. Projects ranged from the study of modern day vs. historical pirates to floor plans for a horse training barn to a letter to the Maine Legislature regarding the foraging law.

The evening ended with students showing off their tennis skills under the tutelage of tennis pro Paul Sykes.

Boxberry is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Boxberry Students sing at the year-end celebration. From left are Matt Baker-White, Lila Marchetti, Quinlan Friel, Perrin Gill, Alison Graves, Maesa Rossignol Kane, Aemelia Graves, Trinity Alanskas, Sylvie Gill, Sophie Billings, Marlena Lantos.

Alison Graves, grade three, presents her project.

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