Dear readers of The Penobscot Times:

I’m honored to be the new steward of the Sun Journal and its group of weeklies, which include the Times, and monthly magazines. It is humbling to follow the Costello family and the rich tradition they created for these newspapers over four generations.

Done well, community journalism can improve our cities and neighborhoods, unmask our shortcomings and help heal our wounds. And the Costellos have been doing it well for many years.

Now more than ever, citizens need trusted sources of news and information about the forces impacting their lives.

It is with much respect for this mission and history that I begin this new journey with our employees, readers and advertisers.

A few years ago I purchased the Portland Press Herald and soon after I received this message from a reader:


“Dear Mr. Brower,

Please don’t screw it up.

Sincerely yours – a faithful reader”.

A year later he sent me a follow-up message:

“Thanks for not screwing it up”

My philosophy is that you can’t cut your way to prosperity. The most reliable roadmap to success is written with the old-fashioned principles of hard work and common sense. Building a sustainable model that focuses on our reason for being here is the only game plan I know that works. I encourage readers, employees of Sun Media Group and advertisers to work with us to continue along the path set by the last four generations of Costellos.


To those concerned about what might happen now to these valued publications, I ask you to judge us on our track record.

At Maine Today Media, the parent company of the Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel and Coastal Journal, we have not cut and slashed. Instead we have built upon the strong base that former owner Donald Sussman entrusted us with two years ago. Today, our newspapers and websites are strong, growing and striving daily to exceed our customers’ expectations.

People ask me “what are your plans”? It’s as simple as “Let’s keep moving forward, together”.

Please join me and our staff in saying thank you to the Costello family and come along with us for the ride. We’re hoping it will be an exciting one. – Reader Brower

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