It seems the big concern in Major League Baseball is speeding up the game. I have a few suggestions that baseball purists might not like.

Unless you are an avid baseball fan, the game can be slow to the point of being boring. Here are some ways to speed up the game:

• On defense, stay on the field for two innings. Clear the bases after three outs. Commercials could take place after two innings. The ninth inning would be different.

• The third-base umpire keep a stopwatch. Pitchers must pitch within 20 seconds. If not, a “ball” is called.

• The pitching coach and the catcher may go to the mound only twice per pitcher.

• The manager need not go to the mound to change pitchers. Point to the arm of the pitcher he wants from the top of the dugout.


• Tape the game to avoid commercials and pitching changes with fast-forward or mute. (I know commercials pay for some of the broadcast. Maybe announcers could do them during the game.)

• Batters stay in the batter’s box with at least one foot. One warning, then a called strike.

• Batters get to adjust batting gloves once per bat. One warning, then a called strike. (If the gloves are that loose, get a new pair — players or team can afford them.)

• Thirty seconds maximum to review a play.

Go Red Sox.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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