I am delighted to endorse Kristen Cloutier for a third term as Ward 5 City Councilor of Lewiston. As council president this past term, she has demonstrated true transformational leadership by:

• creating an inspiring vision;

• motivating and inspiring people to engage with that vision; and

• managing the vision through team building.

Cloutier realizes that in order for this community to grow and prosper, it needs to take some calculated risks in new types of economic development. The strength of her vision goes beyond short-term quick fixes to long-term development that will benefit the next generation. Her vision has included support of Bates Mill No. 5, the Hartley Block, and rebuilding of Pierce Place.

Her greatest strength is her ability to listen and carefully formulate her ideas, responses and actions.

A proven transformational leader, Lewiston needs Kristen Cloutier to continue serving on the City Council.

Tamera Grieshaber, Lewiston

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