I am tired of being overwhelmingly bombarded with commercials on television, on computer and now at the movie theater. It is just so out of control. All I want to do is be entertained with a movie, drama, comedy, music or educational program — period.

What I get is constant interruptions to sell me drugs, cars, food products, what to eat and where to eat it, etc. It isn’t enough that I am interrupted; it is a matter of how often and for how long. A half-hour program becomes 20 minutes. An hour-long program becomes 40 minutes. And a two-hour movie expands to two and one-half hours or more.

The process infuriates me. The early minutes of an advertisement try to suck me in. After that, I am on my own to keep up with the story as commercials go into high gear every five to seven minuets, for up to five minutes or more.

The ultimate question is how many times (including the instant replays) does it take to completely desensitize me about the messages they convey? Do advertisers actually believe that they are influencing me to purchase their wares?

Commercials do not motivate me to purchase a car, to shop in certain stores, or talk to my doctor about drugs. I believe I know what I want and where I am going to get it. Commercials don’t influence me, but they do annoy me to the maximum.

I do wish something could be done. My mute button keeps me reasonably sane.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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