I loved the letter by Marc Jalbert of Lewiston (Aug. 18). I agree wholeheartedly with all he said and will add my opinion, as well.

Considering how much people pay for phone service, television reception, computer services, etc., we are constantly bombarded with ads/commercials of no interest to me and probably many others.

I get unwanted phone calls, dozens or more daily, usually around meal times.

There are unwanted commercials while watching favorite programs on television. I record every show so I can zoom ahead and skip all the ads (if others don’t do that, they should).

And then there are all those unwanted advertisements popping up on my computer when I access any site.

I remember commercials, way back when television was free. People were told that the advertising paid for the shows. It seems to me, what with the amount of money people pay for those services, we shouldn’t have to put up with all the aggravations.

Anita St. Germain, Auburn

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