What continues to impress me about Ben Chin’s commitment to public service is that he will name our community’s biggest problems, despite whatever short-term discomfort or resistance may arise from the discussion. He believes we don’t solve our greatest challenges by politely ignoring them. We must surface those issues and recognize them as our own to solve through hard work, patience, and compassion.

In 2015, Chin’s campaign bolstered existing efforts to improve Lewiston’s housing conditions. This year, he is addressing the opioid crisis harming families and neighbors.

This campaign is not simply about candidates; it is about moving our community forward, no matter who is elected mayor. Ben Chin wants to earn people’s votes, but, more importantly, he wants to have a conversation with voters that leads to bold solutions.

That is why I am proud to volunteer on his behalf.

Craig Saddlemire, Lewiston

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