Kristen Cloutier has done an outstanding job of listening, representing the people of Ward 5 and getting things done. We have developed a good relationship during these years, where any topic of concern, interest or future events, etc., can be discussed.

Cloutier is very personable, open minded, not agenda oriented and wants very much to make the citizens who are in her ward more at ease with city government — meeting their needs and doing the right thing for them. In previous years (prior to Councilor Cloutier becoming our elected representative) the degree of availability, concern and quality of representation was from almost non-existent to low-level dialogue.

The people of Ward 5 need her continued patience, help and ability to bring forth what we feel is important — that the citizens’ needs become policy in Lewiston.

Under Kristen Cloutier’s leadership as City Council president, that is getting done.

Steve Vermette, Lewiston