As a small business owner, I know that the middle class, which makes up the majority of small business owners and their employees, has taken the brunt of the damage the economy suffered during the Obama years.

We have borne the burden.

Most politicians, pundits and lay folks use the words “business owner” to imply it is impacting the rich, the wealthy and the upper class. All 50 of my employees are in the same tax bracket and income class that I am in. Tax relief means the exact same thing to them as it means to me.

I need Congress to help us. We need Congress to unrig the economy. Congress needs to put American businesses and their employees first.

By slashing America’s business tax rate, America will, once again, become the most desirable country for business formation and growth.

President Trump is prepared to do just that, and that is why I support him — not just for me — but also for my employees, because we are all in this together. This is about us — all of us in the middle class.

Lets face it, those of us in the middle just want to know that if we work hard we have a chance to improve our lot in life, and I think President Trump understands that.

Scott Stone, Oxford

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