Both sides of the merger debate will agree that high quality education is a must for the future of our children and economy. I believe that both Auburn and Lewiston do amazing work for students. We are asked to go well beyond teaching to providing stability in a child’s life. I support the merger because I believe that there are true upsides to one unified school district.

Consider that one high school could specialize in STEM (science technology, engineering and math) while the other might focus on arts and humanities. A family could decide on what is best for their child. The new Robert Connors Elementary School will be air conditioned, offering students from both sides of the river innovative summer learning options.

A unified Lewiston-Auburn would change the equation for career technical education. Currently, Auburn can send a limited number of students to the LRTC. As one district, the new L-A would provide seats for students formerly in Auburn. Maybe the LRTC could expand to the new ELHS facility.

We could rethink how we provide alternative high school, how we run the gifted and talented programs and create an new enthusiasm for learning beyond what is currently available.

The good work of educators is often under-appreciated. A single district offers many opportunities for teachers and students, now and in the future.

We had a slogan for the Geiger Montello partnership: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” This is our opportunity to both dream and achieve.

Peter Geiger, Lewiston

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