Ben Chin came to Lewiston to attend Bates College. By a stroke of good luck, he opted to stay and make his home here. He works, has married, purchased a home and is raising two children here.

Lewiston needs to attract more educated, smart, progressive energetic leaders to the community. Chin is all of those things and he will attract other young professionals to the area. Young people should be encouraged to step up to the plate, bring their energy, innovation and creativity to the public sector.

As the oldest state in the nation, Maine has to attract young families to stay and others to return. By electing Chin, it shows Lewiston can accept young leadership and turn the reins over to the next generation who can grow and thrive in this wonderful city.

I hope others will join me in electing Ben Chin mayor of Lewiston in November.

Margaret Craven, Lewiston

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