As a lifelong resident of Lewiston, I have made my home and built a business here. I believe in the value of Lewiston as a place to start a family and a career.

As I’ve come to know Ben Chin, I’ve recognized that he believes the same thing. After graduating from Bates, he chose to make his home here. He has worked hard to curb rising property taxes in Lewiston and has been a strong advocate for better living conditions in Lewiston’s low-income housing areas.

Chin understands that the opioid epidemic is one of the biggest issues facing this nation and community today. He supports plans that shift blame away from “criminalization of addicts” to recognition of addiction as a disease and treating it as such.

Lewiston deserves a mayor with the energy and passion of Ben Chin to help lead the city to a brighter future.

Kyle Rancourt, Lewiston

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