I am excited to support Mark Cayer to be Lewiston’s next mayor. He has served Lewiston well as the Ward 6 councilor for six years. As the council president, his leadership was obvious as he helped the council agree on and pass difficult budgets during the worse recession that this city faced in years.

What most impressed me was his fight to reduce Lewiston’s burdensome debt. He proposed a plan that reduced borrowing to 80 percent of debt retired in any given year. That one change set a course for Lewiston to reduce its annual debt in a meaningful way.

As a former police officer, he has an understanding of the many issues that hold this community back. It is obvious, watching him through the years, that he is committed to Lewiston. He is not beholding to any political party or special interest group.

I will be voting for Mark Cayer.

Norm Anctil, Lewiston

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