I write regarding the protests by athletes. I think most people know the phrase “driving while black,” as it has been around for decades. I witnessed a “walking while black” incident at the Portland Jetport.

A young, black man walked toward me with his luggage, and a young white security man went right after him and accosted him. The black man spoke to the security person, and the security person let him go. I don’t know what was said, but the look on his face as he continued on his way hurt my heart.

I felt like taking the security person to task, but I didn’t. He had backed off, and I had someone to pick up.

I hope all those brave young men keep it up. I am sending a contribution to the Southern Poverty Law Center on their behalf.

Things are going backward in this country. Racism is having a field day.

Vickie Rogers, Otisfield

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