Lewiston residents seem to cling to the fantasy that local governance is a purely local endeavor. The city deserves a mayor who understands how (not if) state and federal actions affect the people of Lewiston. Even if the mayor’s role is more public relations than policy, the person holding that megaphone should know where the leverage points are — and how to push them.

Ben Chin is an impressive mayoral candidate precisely because he’s a wonk and “budget geek.” One example of how he would use that expertise to unlock local opportunities is his plan to pressure the state on its school-funding obligations, opening up a promised revenue stream that would support the work Lewiston teachers are already doing.

Most importantly, I believe Ben Chin, as mayor, will make Lewiston a more livable community for every resident, because at the core of his competence is compassion for those he would serve.

Chris Robley, Lewiston

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