Renee Courtemanche is running for a position on the Lewiston School Committee in Ward 1. I feel compelled to offer my support for her in the upcoming election.

I met Courtemanche when she was a student at Lewiston High School, and I was the school nurse. Years later, when I needed chemotherapy, she was one of the infusion nurses who cared for me. I found her to be a highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring registered nurse and knew I was receiving the highest level of professional care with her.

Courtemanche is committed to this community. She was raised here and is now, with her husband, raising their family here. I strongly feel that she would be a wonderful addition to the school committee. She sees the big picture. She is energetic, decisive, respectful, open minded and a team player.

I hope Ward 1 residents will support Renee Courtemanche.

Cathy Liguori, Auburn

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