I am tired of talking, reading, discussing, worrying, debating and listening about the proposed merger. But, like so many others in our community, I realize how important this issue is.

I stand with the opposition and feel that the majority of voters will vote against the merger at the polls. Having said that, I truly hope that, come Nov. 8, both communities and their newly appointed officials will earnestly start working together like never before to address all the issues that have been talked about — to make the Twin Cities more economically sound; to address welfare, homelessness and the poverty issue; to work on the mobility issue of area students; and all the other points that the pro merger folks use as the reasons why the two great cities should be merged.

I believe we have passionate, caring and devoted people in Lewiston-Auburn. With some old and new leadership at both city halls, those issues can be successfully addressed without merging the cities.

Larry Pelletier, Auburn

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