We moved to the Lewiston-Auburn area almost 40 years ago and fell in love with our community and the great people who live here. Through the years, both of us have invested ourselves and our resources in dozens of community organizations that are the backbone of a strong community.

L-A residents are hardworking, caring friends who always reach out to help neighbors in need.

We believe our community is at a crossroads. In recent years we have witnessed the two city governments pulling in opposite directions. They no longer use their combined muscle to market the community to business or potential residents who might want to locate here.

We can all remember the successful “Cities of the Androscoggin” and “It’s Happening Here” campaigns — both of which gave people here a great sense of community pride. But more than that, those campaigns sent a strong positive message to people who did not live here.

Working together, Lewiston-Auburn can be an incredible powerhouse — one where our grandchildren might choose to live.

The reasons for consolidating the two city governments are clear and compelling. The reasons against consolidation can easily be summed up as the fear of change. We believe that the people of Auburn and Lewiston will confidently reject the fear mongering and will vote for a brighter future for this community.

We believe in Lewiston-Auburn and will be voting “yes” on Nov. 7 for one strong, consolidated city government.

Chip and Jane Morrison, Auburn

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