We may fall on different sides of the merger question, but we, the undersigned, current and future councilors of this great city, are united in giving Adam Lee our enthusiastic endorsement to be Auburn’s next mayor.

We know first-hand that service in local government is not simple or easy. It requires knowledge, persistence and the ability to communicate honestly and clearly. We also understand that getting things done for this city means bringing people together toward common ground and listening to everyone, not just the people who agree with us.

It is time start listening again, and Lee gets it. It is the mayor’s job to work with the council, the city manager and all the citizens to lead Auburn forward. We support Lee because we have seen him live those values every day while serving on the council.

We hope residents will join us in supporting him on Nov. 7.

Grady Burns, James Pross and Holly Lasagna, Auburn

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