AUBURN — Jenna Scrivner of Hotel Road is a write-in candidate for Ward 4 for the School Committee in Tuesday’s election, City Clerk Sue Clements-Dallaire said.
There is no Ward 4 candidate for School Committee on Tuesday’s ballot.
Scrivner said she agreed to be a write-in candidate because she has two children who attend Fairview School, which is in Ward 4. “I want to be a voice for my kids, to show them how to be involved in the community and make a difference,” Scrivner said.
Scrivner is a registered nurse with an associate’s degree in nursing. She is married to Josh Scrivner, the parent of two sons.
Asked her position on the school budget and impact on property taxes, Scrivner said schools need budget increases to have appropriate staff and resources to provide children the best possible education. “That being said, it is also important for the people of the city to be able to afford to live,” she said. “I think it is a balancing act of both sides.”
One issue she’s concerned about is a new high school. “I am very interested in building a new high school to give the kids a place that is up to speed with time and technology for them to have the best experience, and be able to learn and grow in a supportive atmosphere.”
For a write-in candidate to be elected, Clements-Dallaire said the candidate must get a minimum of 25 votes.

Jenna Scrivner

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