FARMINGTON – A Wilton man pleaded guilty in Franklin County Superior Court on Monday to stabbing two men on April 28 in Farmington.

Ryan A. Brann, 39, entered the pleas to Class A charge and Class B charge of aggravated assault. He also pleaded no contest to a Class B count of aggravated assault against a woman. In a plea agreement, the state dismissed a Class A gross sexual assault charge in that case, for which he had been indicted.

A no-contest plea means the defendant does not admit or deny the charge, however, the court will find them guilty.

Brann also pleaded guilty to a Class C charge of threatening with a dangerous weapon, a sword, related to the same woman, and a charge of theft by receiving stolen property in a separate matter.

The incidents occurred between April 27 and 30.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins said if the cases went to trial the court would have heard testimony on each of the charges.


In the aggravated assault case related to the woman, testimony would have been heard that she had been feeling ill and went to bed. There was a physical altercation with Brann. She had pain and went to the doctor and there had been some tearing that needed medical attention, Robbins said.

The woman spoke to the court and said regardless of the gross sexual assault being reduced to aggravated assault that Brann had “raped” her and “hurt” her.

In the stabbing case, testimony would have been heard that Brann had also demanded that the woman drive him to Ron’s Market in Farmington on April 28. He pulled a folding knife out and proceeded to damage the dashboard. The woman called police after she dropped Brann off and reported to police a dangerous fight was going to take place, he said.

Brann stabbed a father and son, Roy Gordon, 46 at the time, and Seth Gordon, age 27 at the time, both of Farmington. Seth Gordon had the most serious injuries, causing him to bleed badly, and was taken to a hospital to be treated, Robbins said.

Testimony would also have been heard that he used a snakeskin-handled sword to damage the exterior of the woman’s car.

Judge Nancy Carlson sentenced Brann to 12 years with all but four-and-a half years suspended and four years probation on the Class A aggravated assault charge related to stabbing. She also issued concurrent sentences to be served at the same time as the Class A charge of: four-and-a-half years on the Class B aggravated assault in regards to stabbing; four years on the Class B aggravated assault related to the woman; two years on the Class C criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon; and two years on the Class C theft by receiving stolen property in reference to a television and a cigarette rolling machine.

Ryan Brann (Franklin County Detention Center)

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