Many may question in this tumultuous period what there is to be thankful for. There is much.

Be thankful for the “wake-up” call to set aside decades-long apathy.

Be thankful for living in a country where we can dissent, disagree and speak out.

Be thankful we live in a country, community where we are enriched by those who came before us and those who are new, exposed to different cultures, religions and customs.

Be thankful for the courage those who have spoken up have given the rest of us to speak up too.

Be thankful for the organizations who look out for others.

Is this country perfect? Hell no, and for that we should also be thankful.

And after giving thanks, we must make sure we remain involved, continue to speak out and up, seek out that which is different to learn from and, most importantly, continue to look out for each other.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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