I would like a new deck and a new dealer. How does the Auburn School Department and School Committee possibly think that boasting that Auburn has teachers who need to be trained is going to attract new families to the area; or businesses, for that matter? The whole early-release business just turns uninstructed teenagers loose on the public.

Auburn should be hiring teachers who don’t need training. The schools would be for children. How does less time in school make better students?

Will a new school make smart and bright students if there are the same untrained teachers and staff who think of their own growth, rather than the students?

Speaking of growth — during a drive-by at East Auburn School, I noticed some 30 cars in the parking lot but just one bicycle in the rack.

There is no growth, and the kids are being kicked out on the curb on Wednesday afternoons.

It seems that most people in the School Department and on the School Committee agree that keeping kids out of school is a good thing.


Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn

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