Oxford Board of Selectmen

December 21, 2017

Oxford Town Office

Pot moratorium

What happened: The Board of Selectmen approved a three-article warrant for  a special town meeting Jan. 4 to act on a 180-day retail marijuana moratorium.

What it means: If approved, the moratorium will mean that during that time no application related to the establishment or operation of a business, or operation of a retail marijuana establishment and/or retail marijuana social club, can be accepted, processed or acted on for any approval. The moratorium would expire after 180 days if an extension is not approved or a more permanent solution, such as an outright prohibition, is approved. Additionally, voters will be asked to appoint a moderator for the town meeting and to approve a language change in the town’s sewer ordinance that will reduce the time — from 120 days to 30 days — before interest is assessed on overdue accounts.

What’s next: The special town meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 4 at Oxford Elementary School on Pleasant Street.

Donations accepted

What happened: The Board of Selectmen voted to accept donations in memory of Karen Tibbetts, wife of Police Chief Jon Tibbetts, for the rescue equipment reserve account, and for Alan Coffin for the D.A.R.E. program. Coffin, a 17-year-old senior at Oxford Hills High School, was killed last month on Route 4 in Turner when his car was hit by a pickup truck hauling a trailer loaded with farm equipment.

What it means: Donations amounting to $330 were accepted in memory of Karen Tibbetts from Phillip Waylon and Judith Cross, Melinda and Richard Frye, the American Legion Post #112, C.P. Longley, Ronald and Marcella Kugell, Winona Farrington, Garry and Deborah Dyer and Karen L. Miller. The board also accepted a $100 donation from Peter and Beverly Laverdiere for the D.A.R.E. program in memory of Coffin.

Abatements, supplemental tax bill

What happened: Selectmen voted to approve abatements and a supplemental tax bill to a half-dozen property owners.

What it means:  Selectmen voted to approve an abatements for Joseph Rideout and supplemental tax to Donna Rideout for $1,264 to correct an owner assessment error; to Eugene Smith for $260 because his mobile home was removed from the property prior to April 1 and should not have been assessed; to Lake View Auto Body for $42.86 because it went out of business prior to April 1; to Lindsey and Darek Cates for $482 and $32.34 because during of an error in calculation; to Keith Wakefield for $388 when it was discovered the mobile home was taxed in two locations in town. The board also approved a supplemental tax bill for $2,146 to Timothy Douglas after it was discovered a newly-created land and building lot had not properly documented in the assessing system.

What’s next: Selectmen Roger Jackson and Ed Knightly expressed concern over the number of abatements. No further action was taken.

Water issue

What happened: Town Manager Butch Asselin informed the board that there is a water issue in the basement of the town’s wastewater treatment facility on Route 121.

What it means: Asselin said that he will have the project engineer appear before the board to explain the problem and the plans to fix it.

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