Witness millionaires and billionaires taking care of millionaires and billionaires. Despite congressional bilge litter to the contrary, Republicans have handed the American people the biggest pile of mule droppings since 1776. Moreover, ignoring two-thirds of the nation’s populace, they passed the tax bill on the backs of American families and future generations of children and grandchildren.

Americans should never forget how, after securing their own tax shelters, Republicans jeopardized deductions for mortgage interest, student loan interest, state taxes, medical expenses and virtually every avenue of tax sanctuaries available to American families, not to mention the impending disaster facing Medicare programs.

Outstanding representation, huh.

Granted, to secure enough votes, they belatedly dangled a few carrots to make it appear palatable to those who will eventually pay for it. Should anyone find my analysis flawed, then why do the carrots disappear in a few years for most Americans while the millionaires and billionaires enjoy theirs forever?

The wealthy already enjoy generous tax shelters, enabling them to bury huge portions of their income. The result is an American family often pays a greater percentage of its income to taxes than many millionaires and billionaires. Could that prove one reason the public will never see Donald Trump’s tax returns?

With the $1.5 trillion price tag, the next generations are bequeathed one arrogant, irresponsible Christmas present.

The nation has obviously chosen to ignore Thomas Jefferson’s judicious admonition, “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts.”

Roger Turcotte, Lewiston