In a recent column (Dec. 28) Cal Thomas, a staunch evangelical, expressed his conviction that what Britain and America need now is a Christian revival similar to those that took place in Wales in 1904 and in America more than 60 years ago under the leadership of Billy Graham.

Why the need? Because secularism has become the bane of both countries, a disease that can only worsen without the saving gospel of Christ.

It is certain that the revival Thomas has in mind is one propagating such widely discredited doctrines as the divine, inerrant authorship of the Protestant Bible’s 66 books, the fall of Adam (“the first human”) and the resultant “total corruption” of human nature. But if Thomas thinks such teachings are able to convert Britain and America’s educated masses, he is mistaken.

In “The Seven Mighty Blows to Traditional Beliefs,” A.J. Mattill writes: “As Bishop Augustine so well said, the whole Christian religion may be summed up in the intervention of two men, the one to ruin us, the other to save us. But now we know that the biological blow dissolves the historical Adam and the apocalyptic blow discredits the historical Jesus. Hence the entire Christian system collapses, for there is none to ruin us, none to save us.”

Contrary to Thomas, there is no curing an inner disease with a bunch of untruths, however time-honored.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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