Phoenix Karate Academy Adult Black Belt Test

Phoenix Karate Academy is very pleased to announce its newest adult Black Belts, Deron and Shawnee Treadwell.

The Treadwell’s completed all skills necessary to acquire the rank of Pinan-Do Shodan (level 1) Black Belt. Deron and Shawnee’s physical requirements consisted of 100 jumping jacks, 50 sit-ups, and 25 pushups. They then led the class through basics (punches, blocks, kicks) using correct Japanese terminology. Followed by a presentation of their individual journey’s to Black Belt.

The Treadwell’s then moved through all kata’s (set memorized movements) from white to black belt level one, as well as demonstrating set self defense from white to black belt level one.

And finally, they had to spar (light contact fighting) against several other upper rank belts for a total of 10 minutes. Deron Treadwell and Shawnee Treadwell both embody the true martial arts spirit by living each day by the dojo precepts. Humility, Self-Control, Integrity, Courtesy, Discipline, Perseverance, Compassion.

For Phoenix information go to or call 577-4179.

Congratulations Senpai Shawnee, and Senpai Deron!

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