LEWISTON — Central Maine Medical Center is turning a few double rooms and other spaces into private rooms, a project that will take a few months and cost just under $430,000.

The renovation is part of a larger plan to turn all CMMC hospital rooms into single-bed, private rooms. CMMC President David Tupponce said the hospital is “trying to move as aggressively as possible to get there.”  

“This is pretty well researched in health care that it helps with the quality and the patient experience to have private rooms,” Tupponce said. “You have fewer visitors going in and out of the room. Patients are able to get better rest. The fewer people that go in and out of the rooms, the easier it is to maintain the infection prevention practices.”

The current project will create six private rooms on four medical and surgical units, raising the number of medical/surgical private rooms from 37 to 43.

Construction has started and is expected to finish in May. No floors will be shut down during construction. Tupponce said crews will use plastic barriers, fans and other interventions to minimize dust and lessen the impact on patients.

“There may be some noise, but we try to minimize that to occurring during the day and keeping that as little as possible,” Tupponce said.


Central Maine Medical Center (Sun Journal file photo)

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