RUMFORD — Regional School Unit 10 directors voted 6-5 Monday evening not to have a standing committee on curriculum.

They have four committees for personnel, policy, buildings, grounds and transportation, and finance.

Leanne Condon, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, said he opposed having a districtwide curriculum committee and a school board curriculum committee, because of the time it would take for her and teachers to attend “layers upon layers of meetings.”

“You’ve hired me to be the director of curriculum, instruction and assessment and that’s my job,” she said. “So what I do is ensure that the work (teachers) do is the best it can be, but I have to have trust in the people who do this work.”

She said directors should give feedback and have discussions on curriculum issues but not “governance.”

Directors Michelle Casey of Buckfield and Charles Maddaus of Sumner disagreed, saying they they don’t want to micromanage or supervise Condon and educators, but get an understanding of what the district does.

“I mean what are we here for, just to look at the money side or are we here for the education part?” Casey asked.

“If we’re not up to speed on (teachers and curriculum), we need to be because we’re not performing well,” Maddaus said.

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