WILTON — The Planning Board has made several amendments to the town’s zoning ordinance, including some involving marijuana-based businesses.

Under the definition of adult businesses, the board deleted “taverns, restaurants or other establishments deriving at least 50 percent of their operating income from the sale of alcoholic beverages” and added sexually-oriented businesses.

The board added to the list of commercial businesses: marijuana retail sales, marijuana cultivation-indoor, marijuana cultivation-outdoor, marijuana manufacturing, processing and testing, and marijuana social clubs. None of these businesses are allowed in residential, farm and forest, downtown village, stream protection or resource protection zones.

Also, no marijuana retail sales are allowed within 1,000 feet of schools, religious institutions, day care centers or libraries. 

Taverns are not allowed in residential and resource protection zones, but can be located in forest and farm, commercial, downtown village, industrial and stream protection districts with a Planning Board permit.

The board approved extending the maximum number of days in a calendar year that a camper, a camper trailer or an RV can be used as a residence from 90 to 180.

Another change extends the maximum number of days per year — from 120 to 180 — an RV, a tent or similar shelter can be on-site before it must meet all requirements for residential structures.

All amendments will be reviewed at a public hearing at 7 p.m. April 5 in the Town Office.


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