There is no greater responsibility that falls upon any community than the education of its children. The future health and well-being of any community depends on it. Churches and schools are established within communities at the will and desire of the people to come together for common causes and beliefs. The result is a stronger community and a better place to live and raise children, all based on common bonds and goals. The church provides that platform and is given the trust of the community to lead and guide the people.

While some may have the time, resources and skills to take the task of education alone, most do not. That leaves the majority of the community to rely on each other to provide both public and private education. That reliance is never more evident than it is for those who choose to provide their children’s education outside of the public school system.

The Catholic Church offers one of the largest non-government school systems in the world. It is evident that a large segment of the population strongly feel a faith-based education is critical to the ongoing health and well-being of their communities, not to mention critical to the long-term survival of the church.

Imagine my shock upon receiving the news of the closing of Holy Savior School. Receiving that news has stirred up many emotions, ranging from shock and sadness to anger and outrage.

While there are emotions, there are many more questions of who, what, how and why.

Lisette Waugh, Roxbury

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