The Orono-Veazie Water District recently started hydrant flushing in Orono and Veazie and will continue for a few more weeks in order to complete all areas.

The district will be placing temporary signs the day before we begin flushing in a neighborhood to keep you informed. Should you have any questions about when we are going to be in your area please call our office at 207-866-4449.

The Water District normally flushes all fire hydrants twice per year. By discharging a large volume of water through a fire hydrant, water flow within the pipeline is increased. This increased flow actually scours the inside of the pipeline, removing and then transporting mineral deposits out of the water system. In addition, this process provides the opportunity to assess the general condition of the hydrant and assure it is working properly.

As water is flushed through water lines and out the hydrant, mineral sediment can cause water to become discolored. Although the water may not be visually appealing, it is safe to drink and continues to meet all federal and state drinking water standards. There is no health hazard associated with the discolored water.

If possible, avoid using water while the hydrant flushing is taking place. By not taking water from the tap or running appliances that use water (dishwashers and washing machines), you can prevent discolored water from entering your household plumbing altogether. Don’t do laundry while hydrant flushing is taking place. The discolored water can sometimes stain fabrics. Wait until water runs clear at the tap before using your washing machine, and wash a load of dark clothes first.

If you encounter discolored water following hydrant flushing, run the cold water taps throughout your home (bathroom sinks and tubs, kitchen faucets, etc.) for five to 10 minutes or until water clears. This allows discolored water to work its way out of your household plumbing.

The District appreciates your patience and understanding during this important process.

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