I was watching the Lewiston City Council meeting (April 17) and was disgusted by the way Mayor Shane Bouchard treated Charles Soule. In my opinion, Soule always asks legitimate questions that need to be answered for the benefit of the taxpayers who, by the way, pay the salaries of the mayor, council and staff.

I mean, if you were making $135,000 a year plus a more than generous benefit package (including cell phone, internet and monthly vehicle compensation), would you want the taxpayers to know?

Soule asked Lewiston City Administrator Edward Barrett how much his salary and benefits were costing the taxpayers; it seemed Barrett looked to the council for help. The amount was not disclosed.

Excuse me. Correct me if I am wrong — that is public knowledge, isn’t it?

It would be nice if Mayor Bouchard showed a little respect for Soule.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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