NORWAY — The Board of Selectmen has been advised that the town has overpaid its share of the Norway-Paris Solid Waste budget this fiscal year and will only owe $31,666 for the remaining two months.

Board Chairman Warren Sessions Jr., who is manager of the Norway-Paris Transfer Station, said it came to the Waste Board’s attention that Norway residents voted to raise $262,000 for the transfer station and Paris voters raised $250,000.

The towns have an agreement that if one of them votes a lower amount, both towns will pay the lower amount, according to Sessions.

“We just found out during this process that Norway has been paying too much this year,” Sessions said.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting April 19, Town Manager Dennis Lajoie said Norway has paid about $218,334 so far.

“In order to reach $250,000, the amount to be paid is $31,666,” Lajoie said.

“There are two options: pay $21,833 for one month, and then a lesser payment of $9,833 for the second month; or pay $15,833 (per month) for the next two months. Either option will result in reaching $250,000 and make us equal with Paris again,” he said

The board voted for the second option.

In other business last week, selectmen voted to allow Granite Ridge Estates to name its private road Richard’s Way.

Code Enforcement Officer Scott Tabb said the road, which is off Norway Center Road, is about a mile long.

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