Cal Thomas’ column (April 26) was about serving two masters. I believe that started with the “Moral Majority.” It then morphed into the party of “family values,” which politicized every indiscretion of Bill Clinton. It is now referred to as the “Religious Right,” which appears to have abandoned morality and family values in favor of political expediency. This strange coupling of politics and religiosity does not serve either one well and has brought about an erosion of values as a nation.

Trust has been eroded and democracy endangered as the president attacks, undermines and smears U.S. citizens, institutions and allies while praising Vladimir Putin and other dictators. He even uses the verbiage of dictators in attacking a free press.

Truth has been sacrificed in wild tweets and speeches, either intentionally or through ignorance.

Compassion is lost as the rug is pulled out from under the “Dreamers.” The “… tired, poor, huddled masses…” are no longer welcome.

“Thoughts and prayers” rings hollow when politicians continue to bow silently before the NRA, while school children and mass gatherings are being attacked.

Morals, values, truth and justice are sorely lacking in this poisonous political atmosphere, thereby undermining the very foundation of democracy. Religion and politics truly do make strange bedfellows. As James Madison said, “Religion and government will both exist in greater purity the less they are mixed together.”

Barbara Payne, Norway

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