RUMFORD — About 50 residents gave near unanimous approval to several articles at the first session of the annual town meeting Monday night.

They included:

• Approving setting the due dates for taxes, which will be decided later;

• Charging 7 percent interest on all unpaid taxes after the due date, and paying 3 percent on overpayments;

• Fixing salaries for town officers, including $1,275 for chairman of the Board of Selectmen, $918 each for other board members; $1,450 for chairman of the Board of Assessors and $950 for the other members; $45,706 each for the town clerk-treasurer and tax collector-constable; and $300 for the town meeting moderator and $75 for the special town meeting moderator;

• Authorizing the tax collector to continue an eight-month payment plan known as the Rumford Tax Club; and

• Authorizing the tax collector or treasurer to accept prepayment of taxes prior to the date of commitment.

The remaining articles, ordinance amendments and proposed ordinances on the 42-article warrant will be decided at the polls Tuesday, June 12, at the American Legion hall.