I wonder how many people remember going to the old Disney movie “Dumbo”? I remember when Dumbo’s mother was taken away from him. I cried like a baby. I remember that a lot of other people did, too. It was like we were going through the same thing — the heart-wrenching loss of a child being separated from its mother. Yet we were all crying over a scene in a cartoon.

But now it is happening for real, to real children. On television, I saw a very small girl, by herself, bewildered and crying her eyes out. I instantly thought of that Disney movie, which I hadn’t seen in decades. (That scene from “Dumbo” can be found on You Tube.)

So, are people crying now? How can people look at how the immigration directive is playing out and not hurt so badly, not be able to look in the mirror? Those are real children. It’s not a made-for-television movie.

It has to stop. How on Earth can the government of the great United States of America, the people’s government, behave so viciously and callously?

People must get involved with their elected representatives and protest the lie that says such actions must take place. The little girl I saw is one of thousands being held, for no good reason, compliments of our tax dollars. Such actions benefit no one.

Diana Tozier, Poland

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